Chinese winter Olympic athletes face challenges bravely forward

2022-04-24 0 By

The latest list of Chinese sports delegation for Beijing 2022 Winter Olympic Games has only one Olympic champion, Wu Dajing. Compared with the previous Tokyo Olympics, the Chinese sports delegation had 24 Olympic gold MEDALS, which showed the difficulty of the Chinese sports delegation for the Beijing Winter Olympic Games.China’s ice and snow sports have a late start, poor foundation, weak foundation, long-term backwardness, comprehensive backwardness, and overall functional backwardness, especially in the field of competitive sports. In recent years, China’s participation in the Winter Olympic Games has been hovering in the top ten.In terms of events, we only competed in 49 events in Sochi and 53 events in Pyeongchang.Cycle “into” Beijing since, our country give full play to the superiority of socialism concentrate resources to accomplish large undertakings system, arouse the enthusiasm of all over the country, and formulated the “expansion of plane and solid point, a good soldier, sprint,” overall strategy, set up for office and carry out cross-border across the item selection, formed a whole project in a short time to prepare, provide strong guarantee for the smooth preparation work.All over the country provinces around for the big picture, spare no effort to provide all snow and ice project team to provide policy, funds, manpower, material and other aspects of support and help, active place in sports training, science and technology power, medical resources, venue security advantages such as Shared with the national team, has formed the good situation of the development of the game.After four years of preparation, the Chinese sports delegation has completed the task of “participating in all events” in all 7 events and 15 events of the Beijing Winter Olympic Games, and obtained the qualification of 194 seats in 104 events (including 4 events that need to be confirmed by other events of the Beijing Winter Olympic Games), accounting for 95.4% of all 109 events.Many of them came from nothing, qualifying for the Winter Olympics for the first time in more than 30 events.Gao Tingyu, Ning Zhongyan, Ren Ziwei, Sui Wenjing/Han Cong, Xu Mengtao, Jia Zongyang, Qi Guangpu, CAI Xuetong, Su Yiming, Gu Ailing and so on have strong competitiveness in their respective events, and will become the main force of the Chinese sports delegation fighting for good results.In the upcoming Beijing Winter Olympic Games, Chinese athletes of ice and snow will carry forward the spirit of “mission on shoulder, struggle on my own”, work hard and forge ahead bravely, and strive to deliver a wonderful result of the Beijing Winter Olympic Games.(Photo by Liu Nuo, new Sports website) Source: China Sports Daily