Rocket buckle will be successful counterattack!BR reshuffles the 2020 draft, leaving the Warriors no. 2 in the lottery

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Every year in the draft, teams hope to take this opportunity to fill in new blood, improve the overall strength and depth of the roster.But it’s not necessarily a high pick who can quickly cash in on talent;Conversely, the original draft of the lower player, may also complete the reverse attack.The basketball website BR has graded and reranked the class of 2020 on how they have performed in their first year and a half in the league.”Three goals” lamela – ball at the top, the top pick Anthony Edwards and defender thales – halliburton, followed by 4 to 10 players in the list is: ‘- maxi, deiss DE bain, German – wasser, Patrick Williams, DE – o dia and cole – Anthony and kratos.Rockets player Kenyon Martin Jr., though not in the top 10, is growing fast enough to make the reranking at no. 20, which is pretty good.Kenyon Martin Jr. remained undrafted until the middle of the second round, when the rockets traded the Orlando Magic for a second-round pick and brought him back to Space City.Kenyon Martin jr., like his father before him, has a physical streak that makes him a great dunker or shot blocker.However, Kenyon – Martin is still too dependent on his body, his skills are relatively rough, and as an inside player, Kenyon – Martin is a little short, these are the key to restrict his upward breakthrough.Wiseman fell straight to no. 18 as no. 2 James Wiseman, who had a mediocre rookie season and has yet to return due to injury.With only two months left in the regular season, wiseman is not expected to return and the Warriors may not have that much time left.New All-Star lamelo Ball is certainly at the top of the list, his arrival and growth, the hornets basically complete the rebuilding.Lamela Ball was drafted as a scout, and the warriors have been questioned about missing out on lamelo Ball in favor of Wiseman.Now that “three ball” has become an All-Star, it is all the more regrettable that wiseman is not even sure when he will debut.Halliburton has emerged as one of the best point guards of the new generation, having struggled until the Kings drafted him with the 12th overall pick.Halliburton, who was sent to the Pacers by the end of the week, seems to be a perfect fit in Coach Carlisle’s system.