Hongqi Primary School will “learn from Lei Feng, tree new wind” volunteer activities in depth

2022-04-25 0 By

Hua Sound online March 17 news (correspondent Liao Fang Chen Qin) March 16, Shaoyang Shuangqing district red flag primary school organization party members, administrative and outstanding young pioneers, in-depth is located in the open area chaoyang area red flag community, carried out a volunteer service activities.In the health cleaning activities, volunteers actively carry forward the spirit of not afraid of hardship and not afraid of fatigue, some with a broom to clean up dead spots;Some use pliers, plastic bags to pick up cigarette butts, melon skin shell and other household garbage……Help create articles, enjoy it.On the same day, the volunteers also visited the red flag community, more than eighty years old this year, now sick bed Wang Xianglian old man and stroke and sick red flag primary school retired teacher Wu Xiangting, and respectively for them to send rice, oil to send fruit and other necessities of life, about expression of mind.This activity not only beautify the environment, warm the heart, but also let the Spirit of Lei Feng take root in the hearts of the student volunteers, guiding the students in the future study and life, with practical actions to carry forward the Spirit of Lei Feng.