Old friends and new partners, the 2022 Liaoshi Spring Festival Gala welcomes the New Year with laughter and surprise

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During the Spring Festival, each platform, based on the regional characteristics and their own advantages, reviews the touching and feeling of the past year with unique literary and artistic forms, leading the audience to approach the New Year with a more positive attitude, creating one after another excellent literary and artistic works, and making many artists stand out in the program.Among them, the 2022 Liaoshi Spring Festival Gala, with years of artistic accumulation and the ability to be innovative, has boldly adopted new faces, new partners and new ideas, constantly refreshing the audience’s expectations.On the day of the broadcast of “Liaonshi Spring Festival Gala” in 2022, real-time data from Coolcloud EYE showed that the live attention of the program was far ahead in the country, ranking first in 18 lists including coolcloud nationwide and 71 cities, and ranking first in the popularity list of the whole network of Coolcloud variety show on the broadcast day.Topic #2022 Liaoning Spring Festival Gala ranked first in both Douyin hot list and Entertainment list. # Liaoshi Spring Festival Gala’s video views exceeded 2.99 billion times, and weibo’s views of related topics exceeded 1.46 billion.After the broadcast of the gala, the popularity of “Liaoshi Spring Festival Gala” did not decrease, and the audience kept watching it.Youku platform shows that the popularity of the video of “Liaosh Spring Festival Gala” continues to rise. As of 9:40 am on February 1st, the popularity of the video on Youku has reached 8614, and the video of “Liaosh Spring Festival Gala Douyin” has been played more than 3.1 billion times.Liaoshi Spring Festival Gala has become a leader in the Spring Festival Gala of SATELLITE TV with its exquisite artistic level, profound ideological value and delightful form of expression.In addition to old friends such as Feng Gong, Pan Changjiang, Guo Donglin, Gong Hanlin, Song Xiaobao and Jia Bing, the performance of newcomers and “dark horse” is also a big highlight.Jia bing, who made the audience laugh when he appeared, is an old friend of liaonishi Spring Festival Gala.In recent years, he has been praised for his unrestrained imagination in his works.Last year, he performed on the stage of Liaoshi Spring Festival Gala in the sketch “Hi! Dad”, which earned the audience laughter and tears, and this year’s new work “Imagination” is a hilarious family drama.The scene in which Jia Bing imagines her son eating garbage became a famous scene in this year’s Liaoshi Spring Festival Gala, which was commented by netizens as “This heart makes Jia Bing feel broken”.Later, the topic of “Jia Bing and Jiang Shimeng misunderstood” was also widely discussed on social platforms, with many viewers discussing while watching the show and “teasing” themselves that their faces hurt with laughter.Some netizens named The show “the funniest sketch of the night” and Jia bing as the funniest “old friend” of the night.Diliang Long, lead singer of second hand Rose band, joined liaosi Spring Festival Gala for the first time.To the audience’s surprise, he did not sing rock sketches on stage. Instead, he cooperated with classic comers such as Pan Changjiang, Gong Hanlin and Period, becoming the “dark horse” of the 2022 Liaoshi Spring Festival Gala.In the “leisure elderly group” skit, Diplodocus Rap into the skit, strong pressure rhyme, want to rhyme think of high blood pressure scene, let the audience amazed: “others find Diplodocus singing, Liaoning SATELLITE TV to find him play skit, it is very clothes”, “Dragon brother this piece can also go”, “Diplodocus standing pan Yangtze River side height of nine meters”.Guo Donglin, another old friend of liaonshi Spring Festival Gala, is paired with zhang, a well-known Douyin blogger, for the skit.In the work “Brother In Trouble”, Zhang responded to Guo Donglin’s joke with ease, hardly showing that it was his stage debut, and the show was praised by netizens as an innovative act of “breaking the dimension”.There is also a new generation of singer Shan Yichun debut liao Shi Spring Festival Gala, partner Sun Nan appeared on the stage, also let many fans excited.The final song “Departure of heart”, performed by the two together, pushed the atmosphere of the party to a climax once again.”I set out with a heart full of longing.If you look for it, you will find the stars…”The melodious and stirring song presents an audio-visual feast for the audience.Many fans said, “Wait for this song to be the song of the year in 2022.”Old friend, new partner.The old faces on the stage of the 2022 Liaoshi Spring Festival Gala show the familiar taste of the New Year and the inheritance of art, while the newcomers and new partners provide fresh blood and unexpected surprises for the gala.After more than 30 years, the artistic creation of Liaosi Spring Festival Gala has been inherited continuously, and the stage stars are more brilliant.This is from the unique pursuit and feelings of the production team of Liaonshi Spring Festival Gala, as well as the persistence and watchkeeping of people in Liaoning for the sense of ritual of Spring Festival.