Foodies beware!White crane strawberry harvest peak

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In February, white crane strawberry harvest peak, in the strawberry planting base, farmers are busy picking, packing, through express delivery of a box of strawberries to the citizens of the fruit plate.Affected by the epidemic this year, the sales of many strawberry bases are still based on online ordering and offline delivery. However, due to the early climate, the overall output of strawberry this year is lower than in previous years, and online sales are in short supply.At present, qingpu white crane “strawberry girl” manor greenhouse strawberry a large number of mature market, large, full, sweet strawberries make people drool.Farmers shuttled from ridge to ridge, carrying baskets, picking the sweet fruits carefully.Sorting, weighing, labeling, coating, packaging workshop workers are also busy packing strawberries.According to the statistics of online store orders, the express number is pasted on the packed strawberry box, and the ordering citizens can taste fresh strawberries that afternoon.”Now the production is going up and the sales are going up and the peak sales are more than 600 boxes a day and the market can’t keep up with the demand.””Strawberry girl” manor director Zhou Yu said.In addition, Zhou Yu tried to create strawberry extension products, developing and designing strawberry flower bouquets and strawberry flower baskets, skillfully combining strawberries with flowers, as well as exquisite small colored lights, which could not only love life and pursue beauty, but also satisfy the taste buds of food lovers, and effectively enhance the added value of strawberry as an agricultural product.Zhou Yu said, valentine’s Day will do strawberry bouquet, women’s Day will do strawberry flower basket, different festivals will customize different strawberry derivative products, currently strawberry bouquet is more popular with the public, both good-looking and delicious, good meaning, become Shanghai people happy to accept innovative products.Changed the sales idea, represented by Zhou Yu qingpu white crane strawberry new farmers continue to innovate, promote the continuous development of modern agriculture, let the small strawberry not only meet the taste buds of citizens, but also broaden the farmers’ road to prosperity.”We invited people from nearby areas to come and help us,” Zhou said. “We can help people increase their monthly income by about 3,600 yuan.”Reporter: Li Shuangjiu photography: Li Shuangjiu editor: Sun Jinghao Responsible editor: Sun Chen Reprint please indicate from “green Qingpu” official wechat view number author: Green Qingpu