“Immersive” Economy adds flavor to Chinese New Year people “Travel through time and Space” in traditional culture

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Information (spring) “immersion” economic odorizing the New Year People in traditional culture “time travel” chengdu, China news agency February 5 (reporter Paul peng wang Yue tung) wear hanfu, wearing VR glasses, in December 200000 square meters width alley scenic spot embodiment of chengdu city disciple, to uncover the mysterious “silver paint jinxiu” four large family story…This Spring Festival, “post-00s” Yu Meng returns to the historical December city of Chengdu in an “immersive” script killing game.During the Song Dynasty, with the development of traditional handicraft industry, Chengdu gradually came into being and formed the famous market festivals: Chengdu December Market: Lantern Market in the first month, Flower market in February, Silkworm market in March, brocade market in April…Monthly rotation, different cities.Traveling through time and space in traditional culture with the help of immersive technologies such as VR and AR has become a choice for many people this Spring Festival.”The combination of script killing and VR interaction, and the background of Chengdu December City, the whole wide and narrow alley is a theater, very clever, very exciting.”Yu Meng told reporters that screenplays are very popular among young people nowadays, but it is rare to see scenic spots as theaters with traditional culture as the background, so they are particularly attractive.The script to kill the founder Chen Ke says the forefront of intelligent interactive techniques such as VR, AR, open hole empty wave 3 d, etc, to enhance the game flow experience feeling, set the purpose is to let the public pay attention to folk custom, talking about customs, understand folk, “in this way can the folk inheritance, always maintain the vitality of and time share, truly” live “in the city.”In fact, experiencing traditional culture in the “immersive” format is becoming a “new folk custom” during the Spring Festival.December during the Spring Festival, chengdu municipal museum, exhibition hall in total immersion interactive digital business culture, “jiaozi, coupons” interactive games, AR preface hanfu cross-dressing experience, shui jing fang ancient wine-making experience such as attract many tourists, visitors by induction activating special multimedia interactive elements in the museum, collective “crossing”, feel the city of chengdu December lively scene.”This kind of immersive exhibition is very three-dimensional and vivid, which makes me want to understand the culture and story behind it.”Shuai Liyang, a tourist, sits in a wooden boat as the landscape changes on a large screen around her, giving her the experience of being in a boat on the river.”In the presence of AR technology, I felt like ‘traveling through time’ and witnessed with my own eyes the changes of Chengdu’s commercial culture over thousands of years, which was very interesting.”Performers in colorful costumes fly over the lake with wiya hanging, reproducing the beautiful posture of the “flying sky” in the mural. In the pavilions and pavilions on the shore, diners are in admiration while chopsticks keep rising and falling in the bottom of the red butter pot…A hot pot restaurant in Chengdu has also started an “immersion hot pot” business.”I learned about flying apsaras through the performance I saw during eating hot pot. It’s very beautiful and magical.”High school student LAN Yaqian told reporters that he is full of interest in Traditional Chinese culture, home to buy professional books, further learning related knowledge, “the year of the Tiger hope to have a chance to go to the Mogao Grottoes to see the ‘flying’ fresco.”Lei Ting, manager of the restaurant, said it hopes to improve consumers’ dining experience by creating dining scenes.Thanks to the growing cultural confidence of the people, the combination of Traditional Chinese culture and hot pot has achieved unexpected results. “It is almost full every day during the Spring Festival holiday. People not only come to eat hot pot, but also to experience the culture.”In this regard, a senior figure in Chengdu culture and tourism industry said that most of these immersive economies in Chengdu focus on traditional culture. Behind the immersive consumption, people’s firm confidence and love for traditional culture is also an important way for traditional culture to “get out”.(End) Declaration: This article copyright belongs to the original author, if there is a source error or infringement of your legitimate rights and interests, you can contact us through email, we will promptly deal with.Email address: jpbl@jp.jiupainews.com