Tianlin County Digital village Comprehensive Information Service platform project

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Digital rural personal portal: 1. The portal page by page show: different account log in county, township and village home page by show the product to a different level characteristic image correlation: page number, small procedures, the public and APP download links and qr code board: classification display of all, the jurisdiction area, the township, village and individual information published board 2.Grassroots party organization construction: establishment of party organization structure, establishment of the association between organizations and personnel, management of party members and cadres, including full party members, probationary party members, active applicants, etc.Party building work: publicity of the Party’s major decisions and arrangements, publicity of the important work of Party building, organizing life, three meetings and a lesson, two studies and one action, party member activities, advanced deeds of party members and party history documentaries, party history stories, etc.3. Villagers can provide feedback, feedback return visit, suggestions and suggestions, interactive communication and problem tracking through this function, forming an online channel for the whole process of civil appeal feedback, processing and return visit. You can view the flow chart, select problem classification and add attachments for feedback, and support direct submission and temporary storage.4. Government affairs by public display: login personal accounts show village village CunMao village situation summary: show the villages of the village information, let know more about the village society, increase the propaganda two committees organized group: display the village two committees group members and the detailed information about local custom civilization: strengthen the subject consciousness of the villagers, the responsibility consciousness, constraints, the villagers’ bad behavior, effectively promote the rural governance, self-restraint, local custom civilization.Red and Black list: propagandize the good people and good deeds of the village, praise and publicize the honest typical village names to increase social harmony.Party affairs: the party organization to implement the party’s leadership activities, strengthening the party building work of the relevant matters, in accordance with the provisions in the party or to the public outside the village affairs: the villagers committee organization the processing involves the state, a collective village and the villagers of the interests of the public affairs related situation, through certain forms and procedures told all the villagers.Government affairs openness: the institutional arrangements for the village committee to make public the government affairs information of the village, to ensure the public’s right to know, to participate, to express and to supervise, to enhance the government’s credibility and to enhance the government’s governance ability.5. Convenience service at any time and anywhere to view the relevant matters to handle the handling department, handling time, handling place, handling process and required information, and online submission, appointment service, event agents, results query, etc. 6.Social governance health exposure platform: villagers report their village environmental pollution through this module.Violation of laws and regulations: the administrator will deal with the violation of laws and regulations through the feedback of ordinary users.Illegal construction: ordinary users (villagers) feedback illegal construction events through this module, and the administrator will deal with the feedback.Conflict adjustment: when ordinary users (villagers) have conflicts in their lives, they can deal with them through the feedback of conflict adjuster in this module.7. Rural tourism Check the information of popular scenic spots in the area, including scenic spot introduction, scenic spot recommendation, scenic spot traffic guide, scenic spot tickets and other information, can be filtered by theme, star level, or directly search by scenic spot name and keyword.8. Rural e-commerce enterprises check all rural local specialties and publish their own local specialties. They can select local specialties needed according to different types and conduct offline transactions.9. Personal homepage basic information: View and maintain personal basic information, including name, ID number, mobile phone number and other information.Convenience service: view personal convenience service matters and processing results civil straightforward: view and edit my feedback and temporary problems, including content, processing status and processing results, to have dealt with the problem evaluation.Rural features: it can search and view the commodity information and audit status published by individuals, and can modify, delete, offline and other operations.Integral rules: check the integral rules of the village to know how to obtain my points: Check the details of my points, including available points, accumulated points, redeemed points, detailed list of points, rules of the integral list, reward and punishment points list, redeemed points list, etc.Score ranking: check the score ranking of the village, township and district.Social governance: check my health exposure, violation of law and discipline exposure, contradiction adjustment list, violation of regulations and construction exposure and other situations and relevant treatment results.10. Service hall service download: provide APP, public account, small program introduction download and pay attention to the TWO-DIMENSIONAL code.Suggestions and feedbacks: feedback some opinions and suggestions in the process of using the product.1. Overview of party building at grassroots level: Summary of Party building information within the jurisdiction, including analysis of party members, gender ratio, Party building activities, learning of activity types and other information Party building activities:The party builds dynamic information to build, revise, release to wait, include 3 meeting a lesson, party member activity, party member elegant demeanour, two study a do, organize life to live, democracy life to wait.Assessment of Party building: Assessment and evaluation of party members, providing basis for party member development, including self-assessment, superior assessment, etc., to achieve quantitative evaluation of party organization fortress index.Party affairs management: party building dynamic information to build, modify, release, including three meetings a lesson, party member activities, two studies a do, organizational life, democratic life and so on.Party building study: Party building study includes study material management, study course management, question bank management, examination paper management, examination paper marking and other content 2.Public bulletin board of government affairs: new, modify, publish and withdraw information on the public bulletin board, including all public information, public information of the jurisdiction, part of public information, draft and other information list, and pictures and other attached information can be uploaded.Service outlets and hotlines: Maintain information about service outlets and hotlines.Village introduction: Maintain village introduction and village appearance display information. You can add words and pictures to describe villages.Organization management: organization team information maintenance, can create, view, modify, delete member information, maintenance and upload the village committee organization picture.Local culture: create, view, modify and delete the local culture information.Government propaganda: government propaganda information creation, release, view and cancel operations, including the published list and draft, can be filtered according to the information title.Party affairs, village affairs, financial disclosure: the three public information creation, release, view and cancel operations, including the published list and draft, can be screened according to the information title query.Rotation display management: maintenance of rotation display information, including creating, viewing, modifying, deleting, etc.Preferential agricultural policy: Information release, view and cancellation of preferential agricultural policy, including the published list and draft, can be screened and queried according to the information title.Publicity: publicity information release, view, revoke, including the published list and draft, can be screened according to the information title query.Agricultural technology knowledge: agricultural technology knowledge information release, view, revoke, including published list and draft, can be screened according to the information title query.Red and Black list: the new red and black list of the village is released to publicize the simple folk customs of the village: the village is directly discussed the results of information release, cancellation, etc., including the published list and draft, can be screened according to the information title.Rights and responsibilities list: Maintenance of rights and responsibilities list of each item, including published list and draft, can be filtered according to the information title.3. Pingan Village video conference: video conference system docking;Video surveillance: video surveillance system connection entrance recognition monitoring: entrance face recognition monitoring connection;Horn: emergency horn docking;4. Comprehensive treatment of health exposure station: view and deal with health exposure problems reported by villagers, change the treatment status after the treatment is completed, and screen by the person reporting, treatment status and event content.Violation of laws and regulations: check and deal with the violation of laws and regulations reported by villagers, change the treatment status after the completion of the treatment, can be screened by the reporter, treatment status, event content.Illegal construction: check and deal with illegal construction reported by villagers, change the treatment status after the completion of the treatment, can be screened by the reporter, processing status, event content.Conflict adjustment: check and deal with the conflict adjustment problems reported by villagers, change the treatment status after the completion of the treatment, and screen by the person reporting, processing status and event content.One-button alarm: one-button alarm information management, including information screening, query and information processing.Sewage monitoring: sewage monitoring hardware equipment eng is subject to the function provided by the manufacturer garbage treatment: garbage treatment hardware equipment function is subject to the manufacturer docking function process description, civil straightforward process description civil straightforward: to the public feedback to continue your online processing.5. Governance integral management: the jurisdiction integral time bank according to the monthly, quarterly, annual report, a total of statistics points: this area account to open an account and the integration of management time bank rules: the jurisdiction integral time bank report management regulations of the public management: the time of this jurisdiction opening bank account reporting currency audit management of withdrawal:Time currency exchange management counter: points can be exchanged for points in the time bank of the jurisdiction 6.Rural characteristic agricultural products: to the villagers published characteristic agricultural products information to check, audit, illegal offline operations.Recruitment information: maintain the village, township or county recruitment enterprises and positions and other basic information.Tourist attractions: Maintain the information of scenic spots in the area, including scenic spot introduction information, picture information, scenic spot ticket information, traffic information, farmhouse information maintenance, modification and deletion.7. Rural ledger population roster: population roster management of the jurisdiction 8 Configuration center unit user management: to achieve the unified management of unit users, including login name, user name, owning unit and role permissions.And user expiration time and user export.Common user management: Allows common users to view, reset passwords, disable, and log out of the system.You can quickly search for information such as user names.Cadre user management: implement cadre user new, cancel, modify and other operations, manage cadre user video conference, monitoring, loudspeaker and other rights configuration.The user management realizes the user management mode of “unified control and hierarchical management” through the unit management function module. The superior unit manages the user and sets the subordinate unit to manage the user. The subordinate unit manages the user and is responsible for its own user.System rights management: Allows you to set service functions and operation types. System rights management includes creating system rights, deleting system rights, modifying system rights, and querying system rights.To provide free access allocation for user management, timely and effective to avoid user job responsibility adjustment affect the use of information system.In addition, the system permission management module can reverse check user information to achieve hierarchical management of user information. Personal application configuration management: Flexibly adjust and configure personal applications according to the requirements of different regions, including application configuration and cancellation.Cadre application configuration management: flexibly adjust and configure cadre role application according to the needs of different regions, including application configuration, cancellation and other operations.9. Smart Big Screen smart big screen: it covers beautiful countryside, ecological countryside, smart Party building, feature introduction, cloud broadcasting and other information, realizing the gratifying effect of digitally empowered rural revitalization, village appearance significantly improved, and the continuous improvement of villagers’ happiness.Centering on the two-cross policy of rural revitalization and applying the concept of “holistic wisdom governance”, the visualization, digitalization and intelligentization of industrial development and rural governance are realized.A map to enable the activation of rural development power;A map linkage, reshape the rural governance system;Share a picture and embrace a wonderful digital life.Development of digital rural APP: 1. Roundabout bar of home page: Roundabout of rural characteristic information of the jurisdiction common functions: List of common functions Hot consultation: news and hot publicity in digital rural platform 2.Service basic party: show the jurisdiction party organization construction and related party dynamic openness: the jurisdiction village government party village public video monitoring: need to dock with the local manufacturer, specific function will be subject to manufacturer civil say, mass production and living problems in the submission and cadre handle public release: hot spots of the public the jurisdiction to release a key alarm:Alarm information handling the crowd key, a key to the crowd in an emergency report to supervise: including violations, illegal neo-treasure hill, health lighthouse, civil mediation and other processing report for examination and approval matters: e-government service items to make an appointment for online or dispose of integral management: the jurisdiction user integral management, including integral increase and exchange characteristic agricultural products:The agricultural release, as well as the jurisdiction for examination and approval of agricultural products on-line characteristic tourism: principal and interest to special tourism information view life services: including local some life service information other services: Ben: contains some other service number display this area personnel contacts I: display information and related my personal set up digital rural small program development: 1.Homepage services home page by pictures show: the home page in county, township and village account by displaying different images to a different level characteristics civil say, the villagers reported encountered in the production and living “thing” I want to do things: the government affairs service class to make an appointment to deal with three service public matters: see the party the areas under their respective jurisdiction, village, rural financial information dynamic: the jurisdiction public timeline view of preservice assistant:Crop sick photo upload, remote diagnosis recruitment employment: recruitment enterprise recruitment employment information view integral governance: this household integral information: message page contains all prompt information about this account, including help to do, appointment to do and other relevant prompt information address book: show the village personnel address book 2.My page display information maintenance: my basic information to improve my matters: view the progress and results of the matters I submit my release: agricultural products release information My message: I submit the progress and results of the processing of the problem disease recognition:Crop remote diagnosis whom 123 focus on operators enterprise informatization projects especially informationization, collected the four major operators, system integrators bidding enterprise informatization project the full amount of data, covering area, procurement units, making the bidding, the bid amount, project name, time, solution seven dimensions.It will provide readers with a panorama of provincial and municipal operators’ business development capabilities, key partners, ranking in the system, regional (prefecture-level) competitiveness, business opportunities for important projects and solutions.Welcome friends of operators from government and enterprises to pay attention to discuss.Attention to the public number said 123 free access to the full amount of bid-winning data information.