How do you treat the people so they’ll work for you

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It is safer to talk about historical stories than to talk about state affairs.There is nothing new under the sun, everything that is happening now, in fact, history has a prototype.In other words, the leader read the Book for countless times, and every page was turned to the edge of the book. The book is also densely annotated, and the reality of any small move in the hand, the leader can insight into the panorama — pout a butt, you know you shit.So, when we talk about history, we are actually talking about reality — toguto talking about the present.Today we talk about the story of the three han, Zhao and Wei dynasties before the jin dynasty – zhi Yao, the head of the Zhi family, attacked zhao, zhao Wu Shiri, the head of the Zhao family, retreated to Jinyang.During the Spring and Autumn Period, the state of Jin was a super power. In terms of strength, it was invincible. In terms of territory, a large area of territory, and blood ties, it was the closest descendant of the Son of Zhou.However, in the later period of jin, the power of the monarch was empty, and the actual rulers were eight families. These eight families also fought with each other, and finally there were four big families — Zhi, Han, Zhao and Wei.Of the four families, Zhi is the strongest.Here is about the two protagonists of today’s story, the wisdom of the family long Zhi Yao and zhao family long Zhao no Shirt.Zhi Yao’s father Zhi Xuan son in the selection of patriarch heir, is to choose Zhi Yao, Zhi Yao is the eldest son, and tall and handsome, both civil and military, which is basically the perfect candidate.But the wisdom of the elders of wisdom fruit do not agree, wisdom fruit think, wisdom yao has no virtue, he does not know convergence, so his talent will only bring disaster to the family.This view is very Confucian, Confucian, the sage is a virtue, the gentleman is a virtue without talent, the villain is no virtue without talent, the wicked is a virtue without virtue.The villain here is not a derogatory term, is the meaning of the bottom people.In the Confucian view, it is better to choose a leader who has no virtue and no talent than one who has talent and no virtue.Of course, zhi Xuan son did not listen to the wisdom of fruit, or chose zhi Yao, in the turbulent times, no ability, how to stand?Wisdom fruit afraid of being zhiyao involved in the future, with some people left the wisdom home.02 Finish zhi Yao, say zhao Wu-shirt again.Zhao No Shirt’s father Zhao Jianzi is also choosing successors, zhao no shirt is not the eldest son, nor so outstanding appearance of the wisdom of the yao, Zhao Jianzi in many sons indecisive.Then, Zhao Jianzi gave two questions to see how these sons behaved.Zhao Jianzi wrote down his life’s experience, thoughts and wisdom on bamboo slips for his sons to read.Three years later, it was found that the other sons had lost the bamboo slips, but Zhao wu-tee carried them at any time and knew the contents by heart.Once zhao Jianzi said to his sons, “There is a treasure on a mountain. Go and find it.The other sons returned empty-handed, and so did Zhao Wu.But Zhao Wu.He said, “I stood on the top of the mountain and saw The land of The state of Dai. I think we should attack the state of Dai and take back their land.After two tests, Zhao Jianzi chose Zhao Wu-sun as his successor.We have not found, in fact, zhi Yao and Zhao No Shirt are the same people, there is certain, but de, in the spring and Autumn period, who said so much.Zhao Wu-Shirt do zhao family long, it really destroyed the generation, the generation of the king is zhao Wu-shirt’s brother-in-law, Zhao Wu-shirt killed his brother-in-law at the banquet, swallowed the generation, no problem have talent without virtue.03 Zhiyao position, also can’t wait to make achievements, he to the Han and Wei to land city, the two dare not neglect, to give, Zhiyao inch, hand extended to zhao.Zhao had no hard bars but refused to give them.In fact, this is exactly what Zhiyao wants. If I ask you for land, it will be better if you give it to nature. If you don’t, I will have a reason to send troops to destroy you.Chiyao with troops, combined han and Wei, went straight to zhao to kill.Three dozen one, zhao of course is beat, so Zhao no Shirt with the staff to discuss retreat.Zhao Wuchang remembered his father Zhao Jianzi’s deathbed instructions – if it is difficult to find Yin Duo, retreat to Jinyang.Here’s a little digression to Talk about Yindor.Yin Duo was zhao Jianzi’s official, zhao Jianzi sent him to run jinyang City.Yin Duo asked Zhao, do you want Jinyang city to be a source of resources or a retreat place?If it is a source of resources, then I will drain the people of Jinyangcheng as much as possible, and they will not be grateful to the Zhao family.If it is a retreat, it should be good to the people of Jinyang City, let the people, so that they will live and die with you.Hearing this, Zhao Jianzi decided to choose Jinyang City as the retreat place.Jin Yangcheng people in Yin Duo’s governance, is also comfortable, have been dead set on zhao.As for zhao Wu-hui’s retreat, one of his aides said, “Why don’t we go to the Great Wall, which is closest to us and has a high wall?”Zhao Wu-hui said, “The people of changzi City have worked very hard to build the city. If they are asked to join us in fighting against the enemy, they will not be willing to do so.Another aide said, “Why don’t we go to the city of Handan, where there are enough supplies to defend the city?”‘Handan has enough supplies,’ zhao said. ‘Isn’t that because we’ve squeezed the local people dry?’They hate us. They’re not gonna fight with us.At this time, it was time to test Zhao Jianzi’s political wisdom. Zhao Wu-shirt listened to his father and went to Jinyang City.04 just say, come out mix, sooner or later must return.Before the people of Jinyang live comfortably, now it is time to return.Zhao Wut-shirt with large troops into Jinyang, Zhi Yao and Han Wei two also followed.The troops and the people of Jinyang were of the same mind. If they attacked, they would suffer great casualties. Therefore, Zhi, Han and Wei did not want to lose fat people, so they had to adopt a siege strategy.Zhi Yao is very smart, he led jin water surrounded Jinyang city.It’s a lot of work here.It is necessary to build a high dam to enclose jinyang, and then divert jinshui into the high dam, so that jinshui can surround Jinyang.But jinyang city wall is also high, Jin water can not enter the city, just put it in the water.Zhi Yao also don’t worry, so around it, waiting for you in the city from chaos, or the wall bubble rotten, you can collapse.In this way for three years, Jinyang food reserves had been eaten up, the people “easy son and food”.This is not the way, even if the people of Jinyang do not rebel, will starve to death.Zhao Wu-t-shirt sent out of the city with han wei two contact, intend to turn the two.In fact, the two han wei also do not want to see zhao was destroyed, they know that zhao did not, the next is their turn, but under the force of the Wisdom of yao, dare not move.So, zhao Han Wei three is hit it off, unite to destroy wisdom.In fact, Zhao Han Wei collusion, is not perfect, Zhi Yao advisors said, Han Wei will be.Zhi Yao said, you have no evidence.The counsellor said, “I do not need proof; human nature is so.”Here is very clear, using human nature to infer the other party’s mind, is often stronger than the evidence.Zhi Yao of course not believe, also find han Wei two confrontation.Of course, the Two states of Han and Wei denied it. They said that if the Zhao family were destroyed, we would be allotted land, but you would not benefit.This speech, of course, no problem, Zhi Yao also chose to believe.But zhi’s advisors knew that disaster was about to befall the house of Zhi, so they found an excuse and left the camp.Late one night, Zhao Jun broke through the high dam, Jin water backwash Chiyao camp, Han and Wei from both sides into the Wisdom of the army, chiyao was captured alive, and finally chiyao was killed by Zhao No T-shirt, head was taken as a chamber pot.The wisdom of the family was killed, but the wisdom of the fruit that pulse away, retained the life, the wisdom of the land, zhao Han Wei three division.Therefore, the three points of jin, to be exact, three points of wisdom.05 the fate of wisdom, wisdom fruit had guessed, it is not really because zhi Yao has no virtue, so it came to such a fate?It’s a lot of luck.Zhao Wu-t-shirt is actually talented without virtue, he feasted on behalf of the king, that is, his brother-in-law, and then the banquet began to knife.Do you say zhao wujie is virtuous?Although the Zhaos were kind to the people of Jinyang, this was also a political ploy, and they did not relent in squeezing the cities of Changzi and Handan.In terms of virtue, Zhao’s family and Zhao Wou-tee are not worthy of each other.Therefore, the failure of the wise is not in choosing a talented and virtuous Zhi Yao.If yao zhi jin water siege jinyang city success, zhao did not have the opportunity to counterattack, in jinyang siege for three years, all kinds of variables are very big, if the wall was soaked earlier, if jinyang city earlier grain, if Zhao No Shirt suddenly died of illness, these are likely to change the outcome.So, luck has a lot to do with timing and fate.Is it right to choose a man of talent but no virtue as heir?In the turbulent years of spring and Autumn, this is true.At that time, competition was fierce, and everything was necessary to win. You had no talent and could not protect your family. As for virtue, if you wanted to expand your territory and make achievements, you needed to be domineering, you needed to trick, and you needed to kill, which was inevitable.If it was in the stable era of unification, it would not be possible to choose talent without virtue, which would only trouble the common people. Wasn’t emperor Wudi of han dynasty like this?Suddenly wenjing’s family to the bottom of the defeat.Can a unified empire, with an emperor of virtue and no talent, be protected under heaven?Of course, Emperor Wanli of The Ming Dynasty did not go to court for decades, but with a mature bureaucratic system, the Ming dynasty still operated.According to Confucianism, when the empire is stable, the emperor should stop messing around and leave things to his ministers and stay in the palace.Who are these ministers?Not these Confucian scholars.So, when you say that Confucianism requires the emperor to have virtue and no talent, is it really for the sake of the empire?Or to gain power for himself?There is no black and white, no binary opposition, just naked self-interest.This is also why the ancient emperor on the surface of the heavy Confucian, in fact is the use of the reason, listen to your Confucian, then this country is not belong to me?The game of Thrones, it’s always good.This article by @Fox sensen several o ‘clock original, welcome to pay attention to, take you with long knowledge