Tencent internal test “goose enjoy group”, community group buying set off a new war?

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“Goose factory group buy” although late but arrive, the head is no longer “tool person”.The author | Godfrey editor Retail business financial | | crane cheung Retail – Finance recently, reports that tencent in WeChat platform closed group buying tools small program “goose”.Retail business and Finance learned that Goose enjoy group is a service tool for small and micro businesses, aiming at wechat private domain transaction scenarios, improving transaction efficiency and private domain operation.In fact, Tencent has never stopped paying attention to and investing in the community group-buying circuit. In addition to jingdong and Meituan, which are already related to each other, Tencent has also invested in Tongcheng Life, food club and Xingsheng Preferred, among which Xingsheng Preferred invested more than $100 million.With the passing of the “inflection Point year” of 2021, a group of enterprises, such as Tongcheng Preferred, Food Club, Party of Ten, and Orange Preferred, have either collapsed externally or suffered from internal depletion, and eventually transformed or withdrew from the poker table. Community group buying has also experienced a shock period from capital hot to collective decline.In the development course of community e-commerce, Prosperity optimization is undoubtedly a pioneer of community e-commerce enterprises, it laid the community e-commerce “pre-sale + self-lift” model, breakdown point to create a second curve high-speed growth, this is the important value of prosperity optimization to the market.With the opening of capital, Meituan preferred, Duoduomaicai and Taocai have entered the “New Three Tuan” 2.0 era. The community e-commerce under the incubation of Internet e-commerce platform is the latecomer, which has completed the 4-year development of prosperous preferred in less than one year.The rapid development of the New Third Regiment follows a similar passcode.This thought that the community e-commerce pattern has been set, “fight beautiful tao” three points the world, new and old players at the occasion of the exchange, Tencent internal test “goose enjoy group” group buying tools can not help causing market speculation: Tencent to personally do community group buying?Tencent’s “e-commerce dream” has become bigger and bigger in recent years. It has developed corresponding mini programs “Gosling Pinging”, “Tencent Huiju” and “Cloud Shopping around the world” respectively in the aspects of tide playing e-commerce, famous goods e-commerce and cross-border e-commerce.Wechat business decline, “group business” rise.The appearance of group buying tool “goose enjoy group” is another effort of Tencent to focus on community e-commerce.According to a person close to Tencent, Tencent attaches more importance to e-commerce products this year, which is a track with stronger cash ability after the game.Based on the huge social resources of wechat, goose enjoy group directly connected with the head of the consumer.The leader of the group realized the establishment of the wechat terminal trading system, and users enjoyed the convenience of purchasing group products in wechat.The group buying business of “group merchants” will not be limited to community group buying, but also expand to in-store group buying.In the long run, goose enjoy group or will restructure the distribution link of FMCG, become a new mode of group buying.With the help of goose enjoy group platform, the leader can complete the construction of “online shopping mall”, realize the dynamic management of group purchase orders and commodity inventory in the selling field, and build the real version of “my leader and my group” for the merchants.It is understood that the leaders can share the goods to the wechat group and wechat friends, when a user buys the goods, the leader will receive the order information in the background, and then the leader will start shipping, the product information will be displayed in the “order”.In addition, the leader can also check the payment status and after-sales status of goods on the “Order” page.At the end of 2020, a number of “heads” told retail Business finance that juggling multiple teams was too much for them, and they didn’t want to become tool men for the giants, replaceable storekeepers.Goose enjoy group “group business” for their own work, its enthusiasm is naturally greater than the community group purchase giant when the shelf.Relying on wechat ecology, group business can use video number, live broadcast and other links to enhance user stickiness and strengthen the construction of user private domain retention.The brutal competition of community e-commerce is a zero-sum game in nature, and the platform exiting the track also proves this result.So why are the Internet giants still entering?In my opinion, on the one hand, the market volume of community e-commerce itself is one trillion yuan;On the other hand, the investment subject enterprises behind the community e-commerce make the final choice by comprehensively considering the development strategy, data, stock market value, business environment and other aspects.Data from Tianfeng Securities showed that in 2020, the total size of China’s community retail market was about 11.9 trillion yuan, and the online rate was 20.9 percent.Under the synergy of various online channels, the total market size of community retail is expected to reach 15.7 trillion yuan in 2025, with an online rate of 45.5%.In the long run, healthy competition in the community group buying industry is very conducive to the development of the retail industry, and the huge market potential is still to be tapped.Generally speaking, the operation mode of community group buying is as follows: the platform uses the operation community of the leader to precipitate traffic in the private domain, divert traffic to the community group buying mall, and stimulate orders and consumption by means of group buying and other forms.After users place an order, the platform will issue orders to suppliers based on the volume of orders, realizing “place an order today and pick it up the next day”.This whole process needs a detailed community group purchase system as a support.The appearance of goose enjoy group has two meanings in terms of community group purchase track: first, emphasize “tool” service, weaken “business” harvest.The commodity attribute of community group purchase is the product with high repurchase rate and high user stickiness.Treating community group buying as a business rather than providing community brand services is not conducive to the long-term development of enterprises.The pain point of the development of community group buying is that the leader can not effectively manage and empower, which is due to the different culture and understanding of the community leader, which is exactly the breakthrough of Goose Enjoy group. Tencent develops saving technology for small and medium-sized businesses and provides community group buying platform tools for the leader, so as to mobilize the enthusiasm of the leader and invigorate regional e-commerce.Second, establish a “decentralized” pattern of community group buying to empower “long tail” merchants.After the epidemic, Internet giants once set off a “war of 100 teams” in the community group buying track, simply speaking, is just a way and means to maintain the central position of Internet giants.Goose enjoy group in the form of “community group purchase” tools, empowering small and medium-sized businesses at the same time to break the pattern of “three points under the world”, to achieve community group purchase track “decentralization”.Tencent’s move not only promotes the innovation of community e-commerce model and provides infrastructure for the development of small and medium-sized enterprises, but also reflects corporate social responsibility.Third, break the blockade and open up a new battlefield for instant retail.Experts have predicted that more players will enter “instant retail” in 2022.For large platforms, instant retail as a link is very complex business, for small and medium-sized businesses, flexible use of “decentralized” goose enjoy group, will break the original “next day” mode, goose enjoy group is also born for instant retail.For regional small and medium-sized retailers, goose enjoy group can better understand the user demand of instant retail, can improve the mismatch between the current consumer demand and the supply of traditional retailers, so as to strengthen the digital operation of stores.For different brands, real-time retail is a fast growing incremental channel, bringing new users and new consumption scenarios for brands;At the same time, the real-time retail platform can also create digital channels for brands, helping brands better insight into users, node marketing and so on.Another industry forecast that in the next five years, the scale of instant retail track will increase 4-5 times, from more than 200 billion to 1 trillion.Stand on a higher perspective, starting from the whole business chain, the community electricity is becoming a fertile ground for the future development of business in China, it is not only the continuation of the electricity business expansion and prosperity in the past decade, and the continuous iteration in Internet technology, business model innovation in realize the efficient integration of industrial chain resources, facilitate the industry Internet performance value of the “1 + 1 > 2”.With the development of community group purchase supply volume is getting larger and larger, the commodity market circulation structure and time will lead to subversive changes, and Tencent Goose enjoy group to create business opportunities worth looking forward to.