To improve the level of emergency coordination, an emergency drill was held in front of Hankou Railway Station for rain, snow and freezing disasters

2022-04-30 0 By

In order to cope with a new round of cold rain and snow, an emergency drill was held at Hankou Railway Station on The afternoon of January 25.Emergency drill site.D124 train from Hankou to Shiyan was suspended due to a power transmission line failure, and some passengers were stranded in the square.Relevant departments of Wuhan City, Jianghan District and Hankou Railway Station should conduct emergency drills.”The commander briefed the situation.It is understood that the drill by the provincial emergency department organized the relevant departments and units to participate in the simulation of the train station personnel stranded due to emergencies, and long waiting time and low temperature cold weather, causing passengers physical discomfort of the emergency situation.Field drill personnel soldiers are divided into three ways: one of the troops responsible for evacuating the square of people, for injured passengers to let out a fast channel;The other is to seek the support of medical staff to assist the injured with medical treatment;There is also a way to use the square placed snow melt antifreeze device, snow clearing, convenient for passengers to pass.The emergency drill was completed within 20 minutes.Casualty rescue drill.According to a person in charge of the comprehensive management office of Hankou Railway Station, due to the large flow of people at Hankou Railway Station, the surrounding traffic is busy, so to ensure the smooth traffic of the railway station square and the surrounding roads, especially during the Spring Festival travel rush, the normal life and social order during the snow is very important.Daily preparations and emergency drills can improve the level of emergency coordination and linkage, and ensure rapid and efficient response to rain, snow and ice disasters.At present, Hankou Railway Station has set up a snow melt and anti-freezing emergency command group, which fully links with the nearby Hankou station, subway station, bus station and some surrounding enterprises, and actively implements emergency support work according to the principle of “division of labor management, each taking its own responsibilities”.(Shi Liqing, Student reporter of Changjiang Daily)