Using Ice Dwen Dwen to cheat?Aren’t you feeling guilty?!

2022-04-30 0 By

Recently, the Shanghai anti-fraud center has received a number of citizens on the purchase of ice pier pier cheated alarm.Fraudsters through pre-prepared “ice pier pier” photos or videos to let the victim unload heart, obediently pay money, usually will put forward must “money to deliver goods” requirements, until the money once to the account, the victim or received fake, or simply second shielding, finally “pier” money two empty!As the Olympics mascot “ice mound mound” has become absolutely against current hi, I’m ice mound mound online and offline a “block” is hard to find though peripheral mount but it still cannot satisfy the national people’s decide to buy the call for “a home a pier” growing market popular current fraud molecules should use “pier pier dad mom” love for fraud!Set 1: Bing Dwen dwen has become a “fake dwen dwen”. Huang sees his favorite bing Dwen dwen on a second-hand platform and immediately takes the money.But when he received and the web page is very different, doll workmanship is very rough, Huang through the platform to contact each other, the other party has no response.At present huang mou is through the platform in safeguarding rights.Routine two: Bing Dwen dwen became “etc etc” citizen Zhou mou saw someone in the micro blog to sell the information of Bing Dwen dwen, then added each other’s QQ.The other side sent ice Dun Dun video for zhou trust, agreed to the price of 1500 yuan transaction, but asked zhou to pay first and then shipment, “pier” eager Zhou believed, immediately scan the code to pay.After transfer zhou mou has been delayed to confiscate the arrival of goods, contact each other found to have been screened.Police hint to buy “ice pier pier” must go to the official distribution store or login official shopping platform, any stranger’s trade invitation is likely to be fraud, do not click unknown origin of the purchase link and web page, prevent Trojan program divulge privacy!Licensed products for the Beijing Winter Olympic Games will continue to be sold until the end of June, as production of “bingdwen Dwen” has resumed, an official with the Beijing Winter Olympic Organizing Committee (BOCOG) said Thursday.Don’t worry!Don’t stock up!Spend wisely!Don’t be fooled!Original title: “use bing Dwen dwen to cheat? Your conscience won’t hurt?!”