We can’t Fall in love, a Chinese TV series, is popular among viewers

2022-04-30 0 By

Jinchen domestic actress because of the variety show “braving the sister again meet career peak, she and former” NINE PERCENT “prince members of different network drama starring” won’t fall in love we “8th of this month in youku, the cat’s eye webcasts list mounted runner-up, heat alone title can know about love, but the vicious net friend evaluation,Direct criticism is healthy wisdom old Terrier routine sweet pet drama, fortunately, the male and female protagonists are quite in line with the set of the drama, Jinchen with the elder sister of the caged temperament, the prince is handsome, so that the play evaluation will not be negative.Jin Chen plays the role of “Neighbor technology” in charge of the love App “Zhao Jiangyue”. She has been single for many years, but was questioned by netizens about her love experience. For the honor of the company, she promised the company to take off the single within 3 months.Prince different as “Gu Jiexin” is a racing driver, but mother forced to return home to inherit “neighbor technology” business, became Zhao Jiangyue men do not listen to the discipline of male assistant, female president and race car driver Wolf dog love story.As youku’s first sister-brother love drama in 2022, the producer said that in this fast-paced era, many young people do not fall in love, the drama is based on such a realistic problem, hoping to inspire viewers who have never been in love.”Won’t fall in love we” by the male handsome female beauty combination, cast in the cat’s eye webcasts list mounted runner-up, heat performance not common, but the plot, the first episode falls on kissing, more leading lady in front of the hero plot, a drunk in pettish, etc by netizens shelling “wise old terrier reduction routines sweet pet again come, everyone run! This drama please don’t appear again.””You who can’t fall in love, we who are forced to feed sugar.”The title of the play should be changed to us who don t understand common sense.”I was told to leave the show in the first episode. In fact, the characters of Jin Chen and Prince Yi are very similar to the characters of Us Who Can’t Fall in Love.”The actors saved the script, not because they were any good actors, but because they fit the script so well that it would have been cold to replace them.However, some people think that jin Chen, 31, does not have the heartiness of her first love in such idol dramas. Netizens think that she looks like an old hand in love and is a bit greasy. Moreover, the main characters are set as young assistant and mature sister, so the plot is easy to guess.