Twinkle, Twinkle, Star: Outer Space (1)

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The sunlight outside the window was a little dazzling, but Zhang Wansen did not feel abrupt, because he had seen too much sunshine in his dream, and there was always a girl standing in front of him smiling at him.And he had several different dreams.The first time he and that girl talked about a he so so like the green not a kind of love, the girl always want to protect him, he does not understand why she want to protect him?Is he a grown man?Besides, he’s supposed to protect her, right?She was his star, the star he had loved since he was a child.And in real life, he was secretly protecting her.But in the dream the star still was involved in the line of sight of underworld boss as in reality, they always want to find the star, use her to coerce her elder brother Lin Dahai to return usury 500 thousand.But how could he let anything happen to them?The stars were his destiny, and this was different. Instead of falling from the lighthouse in real life, he fell from the roof in front of the stars.The second time he dreamed of the stars, the stars seemed to like him very much, but the good times did not last long, do not know why the stars ignore him.This time it looks like the wheat also don’t know him, but also with the stars got, then by chance, he discovered the star’s diary, a diary while writing content was incomprehensible to him, say what the stars came across, this must save him, but also allow yourself to hate the stars, but this is not important, it is important that he knows stars like him,It was to save him that alienated him, so he still had to guard the star.So he mentioned things down the diary, and ultimately, a little find LeiGe evidence, and then pass it to the sea, Lin but after LeiGe were burned to death, only to find that the scene with the rabbit he and stars one a rope, he knew that the case must be related to the stars, so he decided to go for the star turn himself in, well, the police found the other evidence.In the dream, he finally decided to go abroad, because he knew that only oneself go, just let oneself not likely because the stars and again meet contingency, so the stars don’t sad, but at the airport, when he saw the stars to the excited tears, his heart is too painful, he really can’t help it, can’t help said “I love you”.But this sentence let him back to reality, but also let him wake up, but he is not happy, in reality, the stars have already been together with Exhibition Yu, he can not disturb the life of the stars.He has been sleeping too long for ten years. He needs to recover. Mom and dad have been watching over him for ten years.He also tried to forget the stars, because for him, guarding the stars is his life rules, as long as the stars are happy, is that she is far away from their own.He also thought about his dream of being a veterinarian without borders.So his body recovered almost, with the help of mom and dad, he applied for another time, this time, he still successfully passed, his study has not fallen, because in the dream, he has been learning, and is with the stars.It was a dream, but it was so real that he could live on it for the rest of his life.For once, except for his parents, who would he share the good news with?He has only two good friends. One is Gao Ge and the other is Wheat.Wheat can not find, he tried to contact Gao Ge, Gao Director has retired, he contacted Ga Zi, Ga Zi has been the vice principal.The news that he was still alive made Her so happy that she said, “You know what?Zhang Wansen, our school is so excellent, because your fellow Lin Beixing also applied for veterinarians without Borders.”Is it true?Is it true?He finally could not help but want the contact way of gao Ge, he wants to pass the mouth of good friend, know everything of Lin Beixing.Later he knew that Lin Beixing was not with Zhanyu, the process was not important, only that she was now single.Don’t think, what all don’t think, he just return to nanchuan to see his stars.So on the day of the first snow, he finally saw his dream girl, the girl he guarded with his life, ok, ok, everything is ok, he could not help but go up, with an umbrella to cover the floating and sprinkling of the first snow, in the dream they all wish come true: ride together, listen to songs together, watch fireworks together.I’m just sorry I never saw the first snow.Well, it was on the day of the first snow that he longed for, that he saw the girl he missed.Silently, he walked up behind the girl and gently covered her head with his umbrella.But the girl spoke first. “Zhang Wan-sen, is that you?I’ve been waiting for you for a long time.”But ten years later zhang Wansen is still so shy shy, he held back for a long time, only hold back a “um”.The girl turned around, but her eyes were full of tears. “Why did it take you so long?”Zhang didn’t feel any strangeness between the girl, whom he had known and dated all his life.The girl said softly, “I can see the first snow with you.”The two men looked at each other for a long time.Suddenly, the girl was in his arms and whispered, “Don’t you ever say I like you again. I do.””Well?””Good.””Whatever the stars say is right.””Zhang Wansen, let’s get married!”This time Zhang Wansen really speechless, how to answer?He didn’t dare. He didn’t believe it. Could it be true?”But…””But what?You’ve made me wait ten years. How long are you going to make me wait?””I…””Leave me, go to find a passport, hukou, ID card, anything, I just want to get married tomorrow.””Good,” Zhang Wansen promised softly.His star was just as tyrannical as in his dream, but he just loved it.And right now, Lin Beixing also finally know happiness is really behind her, her happiness is Zhang Wansen, Zhang Wansen is his world.This time, she would hold on to him, never to let go.She wanted to tell Zhang Wansen that she loved him as much as he did.Original is not easy, do not carry