U-ball Live: Anthony Davis evaluated early signs of how serious his latest injury is

2022-05-01 0 By

Anthony Davis and the Los Angeles Lakers had another heartbreaking moment with three minutes left in the second quarter of the Lakers’ game against the Utah Jazz.The superstar big man jumped off Malik Monk’s lob and landed hard on Rudy Gobert’s heel.AD clutched his right ankle, writhing in pain as time felt suspended.Before his horrific injury, Davis was arguably the best first-half player of the season.He has scored 17 points, including a rare 3-pointer.The 28-year-old forward/center had two rebounds, two assists, one steal and two blocks, dominating Gobert on both ends of the court.Anthony Davis grimaced in pain all the way down the tunnel, where he was eventually taken to the locker room by Deandre Jordan and Dwight Howard.The rest of Davis’ teammates looked crestfallen and deflated, realizing another unfortunate moment in a season already filled with countless defeats.Lebron James tried to keep Davis moving after the big man’s fast start, and it almost looked like failure.With AD likely to be out for more than a few weeks, his workload will increase, even as he deals with his own injuries.If early testing proves decisive, the Los Angeles Lakers and Anthony Davis have dodged a bullet.A sprained ankle is far better than a broken bone, which could still allow the eight-time All-Star to return to action before the season ends.However, the Lakers will reportedly conduct another series of tests to make sure the preliminary results are correct.The team’s medical staff has scheduled an MRI for tomorrow.AD will be sidelined indefinitely as the Purple and Gold have yet to set a firm timetable for his return.Depending on the severity of the sprain, a full recovery can take three to eight weeks or even months.Needless to say, the Los Angeles Lakers’ season could be in jeopardy if it takes a month or two to fully recover.