School is coming, please check this traffic safety tips!

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Traffic police in the flying snowflakes milo accompany you spent together is a symbol of the reunion of the Lantern Festival starts students are expected to increase traffic travel plans in advance, please arrange travel route traffic police sorghum for traffic safety tips for everyone please read ~ @ the students to take public transport to and from school, please wear masks all the way,Keep a certain distance from other passengers and wash your hands as soon as you get off the bus and go home.If you find it crowded, you can wait for the next train.For students who take private cars to and from school, whether in the front or back, please fasten your seat belt to prevent traffic accidents.For students who ride bicycles or electric bicycles to and from school, wear safety helmets, pay special attention to the blind area of the vision of large vehicles, and keep a safe distance of more than 2.5 meters from large vehicles. It is forbidden to leave the handlebars and chase each other.For students walking to and from school, do not cross the road, do not jump over the fence, take the crosswalk, obey the traffic rules, do not cross the red light.Parents who pick up and drop off students by car are advised to stop and leave in places around the campus where temporary parking is allowed. Parking is not illegal, so as to avoid affecting the normal passage of other vehicles and pedestrians.Please follow the road traffic safety laws and regulations, civility, safe travel, to set a good example for children.According to the Provisions of Article 24 of The Regulations on Parking Management and Service of Weihai City, commercial public parking lots invested by the government within 300 meters from the entrance and exit of schools and kindergartens shall be open to pick-up vehicles for free according to the reasonable time period determined by students and preschool children when they go to school or go home.At present, the city has coordinated the construction of two government-funded parking lots to provide free parking for parents during the school period.Whale Park Sports park parking lot: according to different school hours on weekdays choose from 15:00 to 18:00, can stop for 30 minutes;Century Sports Park parking lot: according to different school hours on weekdays choose 16:00-22:00, can stop for 1 hour.Tips: Parents who need parking must record their license plate number through the school in advance before they can park for free.After the opening of the civil school, the road traffic in Weihai urban area will advance the morning and evening peak hours and extend the peak hours.The general public if the traffic flow is large, please obey the traffic police on-site command, consciously queue up, patiently wait, orderly passage.Social vehicles should try to avoid congested roads and time periods around the campus. If conditions permit, try to take off-peak trips or choose detour routes in advance.School nearby households in the condition of permitting, off-peak travel.Please go out as soon as possible, drive carefully and pay attention to traffic safety. Weihai Traffic police will guard all the way for the students to add a safety barrier to the students.Students, parents and drivers must obey traffic laws and regulations, safe and civilized travel!