Understand these points, we media writing will not be without reading

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I spend more than an hour writing every day, but I rarely read.Here is my opinion: to insist, but also to think about the reasons for low reading.See a picture first: borrow the content of net friend, we come to reflect together below, as the reader saw after what feeling?If the “is” is deleted, we rewrite it as follows :(2) the cover should be uniform, including font and color.3, the title should be…)See what the problem is?Yeah, you must be aware of one problem, it’s not concise enough.How do you keep it simple?1. Delete irrelevant words, words and paragraphs expressing the same meaning.Tomorrow, my aunt will come to visit me.Tomorrow, my aunt will be a guest.2. Merge.For example, tomorrow, my aunt will come to my home as a guest.She will come with her family’s Pu ‘er tea.Tomorrow, my aunt will come to visit us with pu ‘er tea.If the content is simple and easy to read, but still not enough to read, we should consider the recommendation amount, to avoid the following points: 1, the account is not active — like, comment, leave more messages.2, the account has the violation — raises the number, same as above.3, the content is not vertical enough — on the existing basis, determine the direction, vertical field.Platform problems: for example, the public is not a wide area platform, there are no fans at the beginning, write well or no one will see.While ensuring the quality of the content, do a good job of drainage.There are also typesetting problems: according to Figure 2, the style should be unified, the pictures should be correct, high definition, and watermark should be avoided.And the beginning, the first 30 seconds determine the probability of readership depth.Start with less nonsense, go straight to the point, pleasantries can pass.The ending determines the probability of the reader reading further.You can direct the reader to the next action, like, retweet, or read another post.Well, to this, we account and content problems are solved, the rest is to adhere to, you can look at my past articles:How do you insist on writing when you just start to do we-media? My five experiences to share with you selflessly “” Novice xiaobai to create a popular style, the premise of writing to make money is to insist on writing, the seven points are linked together” “I understand the original is very simple, adhere to the original you are the author” hello, I am Jane Shuxin, a girl with close relatives married.Focus on me, we grow together, refueling together.