“News Broadcast” praise new District ice and snow sports into the campus!Another primary school expansion project was completed

2022-05-06 0 By

With the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympic Games in full swing, on the evening of February 18th, the new District ice and snow Sports entered the campus and won praise from CCTV news Broadcast.At present, 26 schools in the new Area have opened snow and ice courses, and 300,000 people participate in snow and ice sports every year. Students in the new area conquer snow and ice, fall in love with snow and ice, and interpret the beauty of “ice” and the splendor of “snow” with passion.In addition, small xuan learned that recently, the new district Fuchunjiang Road primary school extension project main capped.The project, with a total investment of 91.73 million yuan and a construction area of nearly 14,000 square meters, will mainly build a teaching complex, and at the same time transform roads and pipe networks in the campus. It is scheduled to be completed in January 2023.After the completion of the project, 12 classes will be added, with more than 540 degrees, to ease the degree shortage in the region.Increased at the same time, the school of music, dance, science, computer, Marine, comprehensive practice activity room, such as characteristic between classroom and 27, and to build 715 square meters of indoor stadium, the books reading room can accommodate 135 people, can meet the needs of 1080 people dining at the same time canteen facilities, improving school running conditions, for the teachers and students to provide quality and comfortable learning, movement and dining environment.(This article is published and produced by Qingdao West Coast, from CCTV, new District Construction and Works Center, please indicate the source of reprint)