The year of the Tiger equity investment and financing market is strong

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SIF2610, a new generation of high performance iToF sensor from MICROCHIP.Nio NOMI Intelligent robot.At the end of last month, Wuhan-based Haiwei Technology completed angel round financing of tens of millions of yuan, with investment institutions including Changjiang Investment, NiO Capital, Optics Valley Financial Holding and SAIC Hengxu.Since 2022, Wuhan’s equity investment and financing market has continued the strong trend of last year.Yangtze Daily reporter learned from the East Lake High-tech Zone that in the first month of this year, there were more than 20 enterprises in the area to obtain equity financing, the amount of more than 2.3 billion yuan, including jIC microelectronics, Endeavor Intelligent, Yunling optoelectronics, Lixin automation, yiyi Technology and other enterprises.Among the investment institutions, there are many well-known domestic companies such as Xiaomi, Sequoia and Bytedance, intelligent manufacturing overall solution provider Beisjie Technology has received strategic investment from Xiaomi, Yiyi Technology has received investment from Baochang Capital, and The Internet enterprise “medical education + artificial intelligence” Telech Technology has received investment from Sequoia Capital, etc.Founded in early 2012, Haiwei Technology focuses on the research and development and design of automotive electronic products. Its main products include automotive intelligent cockpit domain controller, HIGH-DEFINITION on-board display large screen, remote monitoring terminal of Internet of vehicles, etc. At present, its customers include Dongfeng, NIO, Ideal and other well-known automobile manufacturers.The reporter learned from the Financial Bureau of East Lake High-tech Zone that in 2021, equity financing of Optical Valley enterprises achieved explosive growth. There were 143 equity financing events of non-listed enterprises in the whole year, and the financing cases and amount increased by 96% and 187% respectively compared with the previous year.By industry, in the past year, financing cases mainly focused on optoelectronic information and biomedicine, and the biomedicine industry accounted for more than 50% of the financing amount.Last year, Optics Valley Bio-city ranked fifth in the list of biomedical industrial parks in 2020 released by the Biotechnology Center of the Ministry of Science and Technology, with double-digit year-on-year growth in major economic indicators such as total industrial output value and fixed asset investment.The establishment of the relevant person in charge of the said the north exchange for optical valley provides new opportunities for small and medium-sized enterprise equity financing, the optical valley will forge a vc venture center in central China, by optimizing the top-level design, a special policy, the construction of the optical valley venture capital venture capital base, increased investment in venture capital fund, improving the quality of optical valley venture capital industry development.Declaration: The copyright of this article belongs to the original author, if there is a source error or infringement of your legitimate rights and interests, you can contact us through the mailbox, we will promptly deal with.Email address: