Sun Wei presided over the meeting of the cadres and workers of the organization department of the County Party Committee

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Live up to spring open a good bureau, continue to strive for a new chapter.On February 8, the Organization Department of li County Party Committee held a meeting of all cadres and workers to make arrangements for the organization work in 2022.County party committee standing committee, organization Department minister Sun Wei presided over the meeting and speech, all organized cadres to attend the meeting.Sun pointed out that the 2022 year, is the party’s two big is key to the implementation of “difference” planning year, whole set of cadres to earnestly study and implement the national council of ministers spirit, continue to maintain and carry forward the fine style of work, good SAR in 2022, with more high struggle attitude and more full of enthusiasm,Devote oneself to each work this year, get a good start for the work of the whole year.We need to focus on Party building and promote rural vitalization. We need to introduce measures for assessing Party building work, establish a mechanism for regular inspection and evaluation, improve the quality of Party building work in all areas, and ensure that primary-level Party organizations are fully progressive and competent.We must do a solid job in the building of leading bodies, cadres, civil servants, personnel and veteran cadres.To adhere to strict governance of the Ministry, always to create model departments and excellent teams for the requirements, strengthen their own construction, and constantly improve the professional ability of cadres, with a solid style of work, promote the implementation of all work tasks throughout the year, with excellent results to meet the 20th victory of the Party.Contribution: Office Supervisor: Huang Sanyan Review: Zhang Min, Wang Juan, Editor: Tian Yuan