In Jiangxi, 2,051 projects worth more than rmb1 billion are scheduled to start construction in the first quarter with a total investment of RMB1.2 trillion

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Cold spring weather can not stop the project construction boom.On February 16, the 2022 provincial and county three-level joint promotion of major projects and “project battle” mobilization conference came from the news that in the first quarter of this year, the province plans to start 205.1 billion yuan of major projects.With a total investment of 1.2 trillion yuan, these major projects cover infrastructure, industrial upgrading, public services, ecological and environmental protection.Among the 2,051 major projects, 903 provincial large and medium-sized projects are involved in provincial-level dispatching, with a total investment of 749.5 billion yuan and an average investment of more than 800 million yuan.Among the 903 projects, 203 were between 1 billion yuan and 5 billion yuan, and 16 were over 5 billion yuan.Among them, there are 9 provincial-level ones with a total investment of 68.1 billion yuan;Nanchang has 37, with a total investment of 69.2 billion yuan;136 in Jiujiang, with a total investment of 80.1 billion yuan;Jingdezhen 43, with a total investment of 36.9 billion yuan;69 in Pingxiang City, with a total investment of 36.5 billion yuan;47 in Xinyu, with a total investment of 34.6 billion yuan;31 Yingtan city, a total investment of 26.2 billion yuan;104 in Ganzhou city, with a total investment of 71.4 billion yuan;Yichun 87, with a total investment of 79 billion yuan;148 in Shangrao, with a total investment of 107.5 billion yuan;96 in Ji ‘an city, with a total investment of 62.7 billion yuan;90 in Fuzhou, with a total investment of 70.1 billion yuan;Ganjiang New District directly manages 6 districts, with a total investment of 7.2 billion yuan.In 2021, adhering to the concept of “project is king”, The province will continue to carry out the activity of “Accelerating Project Construction year” and vigorously promote the “project grand Battle”.Jiangxi province, major project construction staged “speed and passion” : 3,067 large and medium-sized projects completed investment of 1.195 billion yuan, accounting for 123.8% of the annual plan;A total of 445.5 billion yuan was invested in 530 provincial key projects, accounting for 125.5% of the annual plan.Construction began on all 821 major projects at the provincial, provincial and county levels.Investment in fixed assets increased by 10.8%, providing important support for high-quality leapfrog development.The start determines the potential, and the start concerns the overall situation.Since this year, all over the province earnestly implement the provincial party committee and provincial government “major projects do not stop production, key enterprises do not stop production” deployment requirements, go all out to grasp the project, only seize every moment to promote production, sprint the first quarter of a good start.The relevant person in charge of the provincial development and reform commission, said the will to further promote the development and reform in jiangxi double “number one project” for the drawing, the service project construction as the key content, comprehensive fired “jiangxi business need not ask for, handle affairs according to law in accordance with the rules of jiangxi province, jiangxi is convenient and efficient, jiangxi with warm heart comfort” brand of doing business,We made solid progress in starting new projects on time and accelerating the implementation of those under construction, so as to get the economy off to a good start.Source:Jiangxi City to speed up the development of affordable rental housing no limit on the target of rental household registration no income line Jiangxi urban built-up area green land rate to maintain the country’s top ganjiang New Area, exhibition grand blueprint,The international Ecological Science and Technology City of TRADITIONAL Chinese Medicine, a benchmark for innovation, was started