Winter warm alert: Three level safe group relay to help reunion

2022-05-08 0 By

“At about 4:30 this afternoon, a little girl was found missing at the head of xiaopu Bridge in Hua County…Now the little girl is in the xiaopu police station, please forward to see whose child it is.”Recently, a message to help the lost children find their families in Xiaopu township, Hua County, “level 3 safe wechat group” has been forwarded, the police and the people together to act quickly, only 20 minutes, they helped the lost children find their families.This is the Xiaopu police station of The County Public Security Bureau through the “three levels of peace wechat group” to help the area of the masses do good, do practical work, solve the problem of the warm heart scene.At 5 o ‘clock on February 11, a warm-hearted crowd took a little girl about 2 years old into the small shop police station.After the masses to understand the police learned that the little girl alone in the small shop township small shop village bridge wandering, suspected lost lost, nearby merchants have not seen the girl, because can not contact their families, enthusiastic people will lead the little girl came to the police station for help.As the child was young, he could not accurately provide the family members’ names, telephone numbers, addresses and other effective information. After understanding the situation, the on-duty instructor Wang Guoling quickly arranged the civil auxiliary police on duty to issue an emergency notice to the local people through the “Third-level safe wechat group” to find the family members of the missing children.One piece of information was sent through the pingan wechat group of each village. In just a few minutes, it reached the cadres of the village and two committees and thousands of people in 32 administrative villages under xiaopu’s jurisdiction.Twenty minutes later, an anxious middle-aged woman ran into the police station, which was verified to be the child’s mother.”Thank you!Thank you!”Seeing their children safe and sound, parents held their children to the scene of the auxiliary police repeatedly thanked.Since September 2021 set up complete, since the “triple WeChat group of peace” shop police station through 32 village, WeChat group and 1 township peace WeChat group, online publicity accumulated thousands of times for the public security work, in a timely manner to understand the needed, guardian shop area stability, boost peace community construction, community little peace together great peace of society.