Changsha Yi Ze E into the engine price 0.01 million yuan, welcome to the shop car appreciation

2022-05-09 0 By

This week the latest car market, Yi Ze E into the engine, Shenxiang FAW Toyota shop maximum discount 0.04% from now to 02, 06, wait and see yi Ze E into the engine’s friends, the opportunity is rare, do not hesitate,Do not miss the opportunity to start the promotion from February 06, 2022 to February 06, 2022 preferential conditionsLocal license, in-store insurance, in-store brand Yi Ze E into engine latest quotation model manufacturer’s guide price/subsidy price margin changsha quotation E· Zhi Zunedition 253,800 yuan 0.01 yuan 253,700 yuan E· Zhi Enjoy edition 237,800 yuan 0.01 yuan 237,700 yuan E· Zhi Hang edition 225,800 yuan 0.01 yuan 2255,700 yuan