Before the truck passed, the woman sat on the ground and stopped the truck, saying that the water pipe had been crushed and demanded compensation

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Bai Juyi wrote in “Taihang Road” a yuefu poem: “The road is difficult, not in the water, not in the mountains, only in the human repeated.”It means that although the human road is difficult to walk, but not in the mountains, not in the water, only in the heart of the repeatedly between it.These days, for many truckers who rely on big trucks to move goods, these lines are a true description of their lives.Now all roads lead north and south, the only way is the human road, for fear of being intercepted by some unruly people.On February 18, in Zhenjiang, Jiangsu province, the driver of a big truck with a lug F plate was walking on a township road. Before he passed one of the speed bumps, an old woman jumped on him and sat on the front of the truck. She claimed that her water pipe had been crushed by the truck and demanded compensation.I am “zhengge see life”, and you track the hot social issues, feel people’s lives, interpret the world.In the past, people used to say that people in rural areas were hard-working, simple and honest. However, with the reform and opening up in the past 40 years, many elderly people in rural areas have changed in their thinking, which means that money is the most important thought over morality and law.For these old people in the countryside, there is no pension, nor the corresponding urban welfare, so the heart of some evil ideas to try every means to earn some foreign money.The main means is to use the advantage of geography to “touch porcelain” to collect money.These originally in front of their children in a pair of kind-hearted old man, treat strange truck drivers and owners, immediately turned into a pair of ugly face, not at all throw throw human dignity, to get a little hijack “bonus”.This is the truck after the hostess advised the old lady to get out of the way, but the old lady seems to have no unmoved, just waved said not to allow each other up, only to compensate their so-called water pipe money to get up.But the truck driver hadn’t even hit her pipe yet, so the compensation was ridiculous.”I’m telling you, it’s not our fault. Why are you in the front of our car?You also have children. Do your children not go out?Have you no children?”In fact, the truck hostess also wants the old lady to think in a way of transposition, to think about if their children drive out, encounter this kind of shameless “porcelain” people dare to think?But the old lady didn’t seem to listen. She couldn’t get up from talking to herself.The truck driver was afraid to move. If the truck driver had started the truck and backed away, the old lady would have been lying on the ground saying that the truck had hit her.So why such an old man dare to sit in front of the car hijacking, want to be able to rely on their own age, think that no one dare to her how, willing to cut the emperor dare to unhorse, not to mention a foreign truck driver.Another is that the old lady is fighting in her own territory, the whole village are her acquaintances, and even there are seven aunts, eight aunts, sons, nephews, grandchildren and other relatives, naturally “one hero three help”, even if the robbery will also jump out three accomplices to help, the law is useless for such an old man.Many truck drivers have had similar experiences. As long as they drive a big truck through a village, even if they hang off a branch from the manger, they may be required to pay thousands of yuan in compensation, on the grounds that they have violated the feng shui of their family and will affect the family to bring a lifetime of bad luck.If on highways or national highways, these truck drivers can pass by as long as they obey the law and pay the required tolls, then the old men and women who jump out on these township highways are more formidable than the traffic police.Nowadays, the so-called simplicity and kindness of rural people have already become a small group lacking in morality. The so-called morality is nothing but a dumpling skin, with naked interests as the filling.Seeing the old woman sitting on the front of the car in a desperate manner, I really don’t know what her children think when they see this scene. Should they be moved by the old man’s recklessness for “touching porcelain”, or should they be moved by the old man’s shamelessness?It would be a shame for such an old man to believe her children.Some netizens suggest that such an old man with bad deeds should be included in the list of dishonest people, and the next generation of school to work to be certain restrictions, so this will make this old man scruple when doing bad things, otherwise this evil trend will become more and more severe.Of course, the best thing a truck driver can do with such an elderly person is to call the police while retaining evidence.Today’s network era is also one of the best law enforcement supervision, I believe that the police will be in accordance with the corresponding measures to sanction the wicked, to protect the people’s property security.What do you want to say about the behavior of this old man “touching porcelain” when the truck goes out? Do you suggest that this old man be included in the list of trust-breaking people?Welcome to comment on this post.