Winter Olympics family 43: Cheng Yifan is suspended

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Cheng Yifan at home out in a rash does not know fangyuan round and Du Xiaoyu parents talk about what happened today, fangyuan circle and Cheng Gong came back and said oval temporarily saved, site renewal and students returned to class, but Cheng Yifan later can’t in oval when coach, mei-ying sun nasty, unexpectedly fangyuan round have agreed to the terms of this, I was so angry mei-ying sun don’t even do the meal.Cheng Yifan said nothing, go to cook for them.Cheng Long met Ai Xin and her college seniors together, Cheng Long remember he is to Ai Xin wrote a love letter of Zhou Dabin, Ai Xin to leave him to eat, Zhou Dabin cooked to the kitchen, angry Cheng Long almost fell into the jealousy jar.Zhou Dabin cooked ai Xin’s favorite food, cheng Long ate more and more not taste, just like overturned jealous.We are very worried about Cheng Yifan, Cheng Yifan but strong support said nothing bad things, the atmosphere at the table is very embarrassing, Cheng Gong found a lot of topics or didnt put the atmosphere active.Zhou Dabin’s arrival makes Cheng Long also very unhappy, eating speed has become faster.Cheng Yifan could not sleep at night, in order not to let Sun Meiying worry also strong install nothing.Zhou Dabin helped clean up the kitchen, but also ai Xin’s house, Cheng Long was not happy, this is their home, I hope Zhou Dabin clear priorities.Zhou Dabin left Cheng Long is also very depressed, did not expect the world has more severe than his people, but he has married children.Ai Xin said Zhou Dabin died two years ago, Cheng Long was immediately filled with a sense of crisis feel Zhou Dabin malicious to Ai Xin, Ai Xin hurriedly kissed him a comfort.After Sun Meiying fell asleep, Cheng Yifan went out secretly.Sun Meiying nightmare woke up to see Cheng Yifan disappeared scared to wake up Cheng Gong and circle, said she dreamed that Cheng Yifan ran away from home to jump moat, they hurried to find someone.Cheng Yifan went to the barbecue shop, because worry about the children no one to teach, so Cheng Yifan want Liu Tianyuan to teach if not to go to the white blind these children.Cheng Yifan and the relationship between speed skating like himself and Sun Meiying, can not give up, also threatened that if Liu Tianyuan does not take the class coach let Cheng Feng Liu Zhuangzhuang that two million back.This time Liu Zhuangzhuang ran to say that Cheng Feng is looking for Cheng Yifan, Cheng Yifan must be because Sun Meiying thought he was in a bad mood, things big.Cheng long wrote a resolution, but he still forgot it.Liu Tianyuan finally agreed to do cheng Yifan generation coach, solve the immediate danger of the circle.But Cheng Yifan at home or not at ease, afraid of delay cheng fruit and Du Xiaoyu these good seedlings.