Big headache for Biden!China’s renewed rise in trust has coincided with a gradual decline in the US

2022-05-13 0 By

The U.S. has not achieved its goal of reducing the “China threat”, but has more problems in its own territory. China’s trust rating is rising, while the U.S. is gradually declining.In recent years, the United States to see after expanding China’s comprehensive strength, began to find various tips on the development of China’s crackdown and interference, sanctions against China without reason, western countries contain China, about China’s military interference, play HaiPai “Taiwan” and so on are used to interfere with the move of the Chinese in the United States, they tried to contain China’s development in this way,Reduce China’s influence in the world.Since Joe Biden became president of the United States, the United States has never stopped interfering with China. They always find some strange reason to smear China, but the real reason is the fear of China surpassing the United States in power and thus posing a threat to their global position.However, it is ridiculous that although the United States has repeatedly imposed sanctions and repression on China, the pace of China’s progress has not been affected at all, but there are many problems in the United States.According to relevant news reports, a recent global survey shows that under the impact of the epidemic, people in all countries around the world have a decline in the level of trust in the government, especially the US government.According to the data, the gap between The trust index of China and the United States has reached the highest point in the survey history. The trust level of the Chinese people in the government reached 91 percent, an increase of 9 percentage points, while the trust level of the American people in the U.S. government only reached 39 percent, a decrease of 3 percent.Some analysts believe that such survey data are not only a big headache for Biden, but also a symbol of the beginning of a sharp decline in U.S. development.There are two main reasons. One is that the United States is troubled by the Chinese people’s confidence in its government, because these figures show that the Chinese people have a high degree of confidence in their government. Therefore, with the support of China’s 1.4 billion people, China is bound to develop faster.Second, the American people gradually lose hope for the American government, which means that the United States is highly likely to split, so the possibility of civil war will also rise, which is a huge problem for the development of the United States, but also a symbol of the beginning of the decline of the United States.In general, what we want to remind the United States is that China’s development will not be stopped by some measures of the United States, and all attempts to contain China’s development are futile. The United States government should focus on how to solve the problems in the United States, otherwise, the United States will undoubtedly lag behind.(Mathenmoon)