Jinan southern Suburb hospital medical staff home for traffic police nucleic acid collection and detection

2022-05-13 0 By

At the beginning of the New Year, everything looks new.In order to facilitate the front-line police workers to better carry out daily work, jinan southern suburb hospital medical staff to the door for Jinan Huaiyin District traffic police brigade and Shizhong district traffic police brigade all police nucleic acid collection and detection.The medical staff of Jinan Southern Suburb Hospital strictly abide by the sampling standards, armed to the teeth, seriously and efficiently provide sampling services for police officers.The nucleic acid collection and detection, greatly facilitated the frontline police workers.The medical workers of Jinan Southern Suburb Hospital are praised by all police officers for their professional level.In the past two years and up to now, the Novel Coronavirus pandemic has hit the whole world, even the local area of Jinan. The normal epidemic prevention and control has brought constant pressure on the operation of hospitals.In the face of crisis, the original heart is like a rock. With the spirit of initiative, The Southern Suburb Hospital always sticks to the working principle of “safety, efficacy, feeling and innovation”, adheres to the overall medical mode of “people-oriented” in diagnosis, treatment, nursing, rehabilitation and service, and adheres to the medical concept of “it is immoral to make patients feel pain”.Efforts to create “no pain, no accompanying, early to the ground, early food, early recovery, temperature” warm heart hospital at the same time, to ensure the epidemic test “qualified answer”.During the epidemic prevention and control, nucleic acid testing serves as a precise defense line to protect people’s safety. Jinan Southern Suburb Hospital will provide long-term strong support for winning the battle against COVID-19 with its professional nucleic acid testing process.Jinan Southern Suburb Hospital