How does fatigue lethargy do after tumour patient changes cure?Want to get up and move more?

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We’re all familiar with the feeling of tiredness and fatigue that occurs after a busy day at work or long, intense physical activity.Many patients also often feel tired after chemotherapy, the difference is – “even though I have done nothing all day, I still feel very tired!”Some friends feel that they always lie down during the hospital “rest and lazy”, forcing themselves to “diligent” up, not only strengthen physical exercise, but also heavy housework;There are some patients will choose another way: no activity at all, lying in bed all day and night except for treatment is sleep, down for a period of time, the day is not fine, the night does not go, every day faint……In fact, the fatigue and fatigue of the period of chemotherapy are mostly not caused by fatigue, and “rest lazy” is not related to wind horse cattle.This situation is more related to tumors and chemotherapy drugs.Many treatments, such as chemotherapy, can be effective without damaging healthy cells.Therefore, many patients have encountered varying degrees of side effects, including fatigue, fatigue and even drowsiness, which is very common, the specific performance is no energy all over the body, sleepy every day.What on earth are we supposed to do at such times?Both of these approaches are incorrect.There’s an old saying that “too much of a good thing”, whether you force yourself to exercise or not exercise at all, is bad for your body and mind.Fatigue, fatigue, caused by chemotherapy of facing the sea heart recommend to do so: 1. Patients undergoing chemotherapy: due to the effect of drugs, god’s weakness, fatigue, sleepiness symptoms obviously, in order to set aside enough strength, ensure chemotherapy smoothly over daily should give priority to with rest, avoid overworked, high intensity of physical labor is not recommended.Do not at the beginning of the course of treatment, when the physical energy is relatively full of excessive consumption of the body, trying to “cram” to build a good foundation.During treatment, we can choose to do light physical exercise or work, such as short, close walks and some stretching, at times of the day when we are most physically and energetic.This can move limbs, promote metabolism and blood circulation, but also improve fatigue, lethargy, promote drug metabolism absorption.Proper exercise is also good for mood, and a good mood is also good for physical recovery.2. Patients in the intermittent period of treatment: at this stage, the effects of drugs will gradually fade away, and the symptoms of fatigue, fatigue and drowsiness will gradually improve.At this time can be based on their own tolerance ability, engaged in some moderate physical exercise or physical activity, such as walking, jogging, yoga, tai chi, etc..If the physical condition is good before illness, you can also try cycling, swimming and other exercises, but to their own physical limits, can not be overworked, otherwise it will cause disease or other discomfort, affecting the next cycle of treatment.3. Patients who finish chemotherapy: after the end of treatment, the side effects of drugs will gradually decrease, the damaged hair and nails will gradually restore their original appearance, and they can resume normal life, labor and exercise at this time.But whether cancer cells or drugs, have consumed a lot of nutrition, protein, the body will have a lot of consumption, so compared with the disease before the physical strength will have a certain decline.So you can’t use the standard before the disease, even if the treatment effect is good, but also to gradually restore physical expenditure, not too hasty.Sometimes we can see reports on the Internet and newspapers that “AFTER XXX got sick, he participated in extreme sports such as marathon, long-distance hiking and crossing, and finally overcame the disease”, and he also wanted to apply it to himself.However, Hai Xin here to persuade everyone, in the news is not true or false, not clear about the specific situation of the reported people do not blindly try, this situation is not universal, we should take their own body as the premise, do their own exercise, slowly restore physical fitness.Do you or your family members experience fatigue?How long did it last?How did he recover?