In Warcraft 3, it was easy to take on 11 maddening computers in this way

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In warcraft 3’s custom game mode, pitting your wits against computer enemies has become commonplace.It’s easy to take on one crazy computer, two is a bit tough, but against a team of three to five crazy computers, only the top WCG players can win.Warcraft iii Frozen Throne’s regular battle map can hold up to 12 players, but is it possible to win against 11 maddening computers, all in the same team?The question sounds ridiculous, but if the 11 crazy computers are from different forces, you might be able to fish in troubled waters and win.But the problem is, the eleven computers belong to the same team, allied with each other, in the face of a dense, flood of enemies, no tactics and operations are useless, and finally can only watch their base swallowed by the other’s vast sea of soldiers.Is there really no way in the world to beat all 11 maddening computers at once?As the saying goes, real men are supposed to pick on 11 crazy computers, but there are ways to do it, but you can only use some coquetty routines.Those of you who often play against computers may remember the map “Summer of Lordaeron”.This is a large map for 12 players, with 12 starting points neatly arranged along the clockwise direction.A closer look at the map reveals that there are many gold mines surrounded by dense forests, forming a large “safe zone”.With such an area, you can rely on the forest as a natural barrier, all enemy ground troops cut off, instantly dissolve 80 percent of the attack pressure.With the basic tactical ideas in place, subsequent operations are clear.At the beginning of the game, we choose the night elf, do not let the computer choose the night elf, because this set of play method does not work on the night elf, as for the reason will be introduced later.Early units don’t need to build too many buildings, just heroes and a few ACs, because the original base is definitely untenable and building too many is a waste.The next crucial step is to get our elves into the “safe zone” to exploit the base.The only way for ground troops to reach such an area is by means of a goblin airship, or by means of catapults, blood Elf fire magic, or tree summoning.Unfortunately, this map doesn’t have a goblin shop where you can buy airships.At the same time, it is not recommended for the old deer to open the road by calling the tree people, because it will leave a gap and cause unnecessary hidden trouble.Is there any other way to get ground troops into this confined area?There is a way to do this, simply move the Tree of Eternity to the side of the forest, but click on the open area to the right and use the Back scrolling to teleport ground troops directly into it.As for the hero choice, there is no need to consider too much, only old deer and moon riding two people can.Two people can heal a large area of the group, one can cast a meteor, with a critical aura.Those of you who played “Twilight of the Gods,” the final level of the Reign of Chaos campaign mode, will probably remember this scene very well, and the two of them are a perfect combination for positional warfare.With the base in place, it’s time to play defense.Computer AI is limited, not like the players with catapults, magic destruction of the forest to open up the road.The only threat the enemy can pose to us is air and siege units.Here’s why it doesn’t work against night Elves.Because the huntress would summon the owl, our army’s every move would be exposed to the enemy’s view, and the besieging units could not withstand a call from the base.In addition, the old deer on the computer side will call on the treents to attack us, which will create a gap in the forest, and ground troops will rush in and we will not be able to defend.So it’s best not to choose a night elf before the war.The prewar work is ready, and this is what you’re going to see when the enemy troops surge in.Dense enemy troops surrounded the “safe zone”, but could not get in, can only stand outside staring.As for enemy air units such as griffins, bats, ice dragons, etc., they are as vulnerable as paper to our AC.With the moon rider aura and the druid roar, the damage is terrible.When the enemy air force sent a wave of heads, the old deer and moon riding together to level six, the offensive and defensive situation began to tilt slowly.Moon ride directly open, the sky falling meteor, the screen of the dark enemy suddenly become a slaughtered experience package.The old deer is targeted at the time of group treatment, to ensure our effective strength.After all, it is a mine dozen mines, if our unit loss number is too much, the depletion of resources, it can not last long.By the way, old Deer’s “healing rain” also works on balcatapus, so there’s no need for pixels to expend resources in mid and late stages.In this way, after wave after wave of air units are used up, the enemy’s resources are exhausted and they can no longer send troops, and it is time for us to respond.The old deer and moon rider teleporting using the method described before, while the wind is high and the moon is dark, fighting everywhere to consume the enemy’s effective forces.If you’re accidentally attacked, hide or teleport back.Maiev the Avenger is a very mobile hero, so consider her as the third hero, going around harvesting the remnants of the enemy.In short, it is a very long war of attrition, the enemy’s resources and effective force, with ants gnawing elephants devour little by little, is the ultimate way to win.The biggest difficulty of the whole battle is that the old deer rose to level 6 before the enemy’s fierce offensive, if not easy to carry GG.Consider sending a lookout here to attack the enemy base and lure some of the enemy’s troops back to relieve the frontal pressure.This is how you play against 11 maddening computers using night Elves.In addition, there are many other online attacks, such as the Terran arrow tower array.Whatever the method, the principle is to avoid confrontation and opt for a war of attrition.After all, we are highly intelligent creatures, and the other side is just a simple AI program. When it comes to attrition, computers are no match for human players, no matter how good they are.