40% of the price!4x capacity!Ali cloud disk membership scheme exceeds expectations

2022-05-15 0 By

March 24 reported that Ali cloud disk launched member services on March 24.Non-member users continue to keep the speed limit;6TB membership space, 12 yuan per month;Super member 20TB space, 30 yuan per month.This can be as low as 6.8 percent and 8.0 percent if users pay annually.Several member benefits are rare in the industry: cost-effective 20T capacity, 1TB large file upload, unlimited single transfer number.The latest version 3.0 is now available in app stores.Due to store disclosure restrictions, some subsequent benefits are not displayed in the app.Ali cloud disk team introduced, mount disk, synchronous disk, online 60 frame playback and other features, will be gradually upgraded to member rights and interests.The combination of mount disks, sync disks and 20 terabytes of space allows users to have a more consistent experience across multiple terminals, just like storing files on a computer’s hard drive.It supports online playback of 60 frames, which matches the 4K+60 frame shooting capacity of current mobile phones and strong endurance drones. It collects and stores videos and audio from different terminals, and shares with friends and relatives with higher definition.Meanwhile, cloud apps remain open to all users, with no restrictions on payments.It includes customized document service with WPS, video notes written while watching, backup of address book chat records and original material subscription.At present, there are still a variety of free expansion tasks in the welfare club, which can receive more than 2T space.A year ago, Ali cloud disk launched the public test, announced that “regardless of free payment, the future is not limited”, “simple do not disturb”, “long-term investment” and other product principles.There have been rounds of speculation about its commercialisation strategy, including speed limits and a sharp reduction in space.After the membership plan was leaked, users in the digital community commented that the price of the two tiers of membership is only 40% of the price of the same space compared with the industry.Or 4 times as much storage for the same price.After 13 years of research on storage network, Ali Cloud continues to take the lead in product evaluation of global cloud vendors.Ali cloud disk integrated the application of its key engines and infrastructure in intelligent storage, cloud network, video coding, heterogeneous computing.